Maria and Jasmin (Audio Preview)

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Juliette (preview)

376542-245631-thumbnail.jpgAll of the guys were now staring with their mouths open, not saying anything at all. The guy looking up at me from the gym floor was so embarrassed, but yet, very excited. He tried to get back up, but before he did, I threw myself on top of him and wrapped my strong huge legs around his waist. When he felt the strength of my thighs, he didn’t move or try to get away. He just looked up at me and smiled. The more he smiled, the more I squeezed him. I was starting to think that this big oaf actually liked being pinned. All I had to do was hold down his arms and I would have won the match!

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Maria (preview)

Hi. My name is Maria. If you like muscular women, then we have something in common. My entire life has changed since that afternoon when I met my bodybuilding friend Jasmine. Jasmine is so big and muscular; I love to watch her work out. She is a very famous bodybuilder and she was the one who helped turn me into a powerful weightlifter. Jasmine is so hot. All of her ripped muscles bulge as she moves. Let me tell you what I look like before I tell you my personal story about Jasmine and me.

376542-240647-thumbnail.jpgFirst of all, I am Italian. I have silky wavy hair. I wear it cut to my shoulders so my body isn’t covered at all. I’m very proud of my body since I began working out with heavy weights. I am five feet six inches tall and my eyes are big and green. My entire body is compact and tight. Every part of me is muscular and shapely. I have really big triceps and biceps. My biceps are a full fifteen and a half inches and very ripped. I always catch men staring at my arms wherever I go.

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Saraya (preview)

376542-240689-thumbnail.jpgHi. I’m Saraya and I’m a female bodybuilder. I’m huge and powerful. I must describe myself. I have biceps that are 16 inches and hard like rock. My biceps are rounded to a smooth cut up peak and I love to show them off. I have pecs that are huge. My pecs measure 44 inches and I have a deep cut in the middle of my pecs. Let me tell you how great my abs are. I have a hard core six-pack of muscle where my stomach is supposed to be. My abs are probably the most impressive part of my body. To top it off, I have the smallest waist around. My waist measures 24 inches, and I am so proud of it. I have a muscular back that is defined by muscle. I wish you could see it. Now for my legs -- my legs are very strong. I have 26-inch quads and they are extremely powerful. They are thick and strong. My calves measure 16 inches. They are so hard. Aside from my abs, my calves are definitely showstoppers. Now, to top all this off, I have auburn hair, dark eyes, and I’m 5 feet 9 inches tall.
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Angie (preview)

Did you ever see two really rock hard girls wrestling with all their power and strength until one was completely pinned and unable to move off the gym floor? Well, I experienced it firsthand. Females, the weaker sex - ha! This girl could have kicked the ass of any guy I know.

Not many women are stronger then me.
Angie and I work out together in a very serious bodybuilding gym. We’re training partners and we help each other lift and pump heavy weights. Usually I begin the workouts. I lie under a flat bench press with 185 pounds over my chest. With all of Angie’s power, she’ll help me blast through a set of eight hard reps. My chest is ripped and ready to explode after six sets of these heavy presses. My muscles are bulging and Angie loves to run her soft sexy hands all over my chest. It feels so good. Then I spot her on the incline bench press --that is her strongest exercise. . I love to watch Angie squirm under the bar while she is trying with all her power and strength to push the 195-pound bar over her small slim body -- she is so much stronger than she looks. That’s why I thought I could take her in a fight easily. Boy, was I wrong -- I found out the hard way.

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