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If you have fantasies about huge 17 inch ripped biceps wrapped around your head and 26 inch python quads wrapped around your body crushing you, and being overpowered by the most extreme dominant athletes in the world, it is all here for you in Pulp Muscle. Also included are beautiful photographs of these women.

I have been wrestling since I was 16 years old and lifting weights since I was 17. I wrote these stories about myself and my bodybuilding and wrestling friends. A few of the stories were written by my friends from the hardcore gyms I frequented over the years.

I started armwrestling in grade school and that has been a favorite activity of mine for years. Armwrestling is a common theme throughout these stories. The bodybuilders and wrestlers in Pulp Muscle are huge, massive, and powerful extremely dominant women.

Pulp Muscle also contains many muscle audio stories that you can listen to and download. Click on Free Previews and you will get to hear a FREE full length audio story.


Download these erotic and sensual stories  and you will experience every different type of wrestling scenario, including incredible, and vert powerful  headlocks,scissorholds, bearhugs, armbars, as well as many domination stories where powerful women make you submit and beg for mercy.

"Most of the 40 stories here are absolutely true. Read them online, print them, enjoy them. Sit back, relax, get ready for a rock hard treat. You are on your way to muscle heaven."

Lori Victoria Braun